Healthy Planet, Healthy People Petition

Healthy Planet, Healthy People Petition

State of our common home

Our common home and common family are suffering. Biodiversity is suffering at a faster rate than at any other time in history, and successive major reports have highlighted the huge scale of nature loss. The climate emergency is causing rising seas, a warmer planet, and more extreme weather, all of which are devastating God’s creation.

At the same time, biologists estimate that we’re driving species to extinction at a rate of 100 to 1,000 times their usual rate. “We have no such right” (Laudato Si’ 33).

Our opportunity

Last year, more than 120,000 Catholics and 420 organizations, representing hundreds of thousands of Catholics, united and signed the Healthy Planet, Healthy People Petition. We delivered your signatures to world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, asking that they take urgent action for God’s creation.

This year at the United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP15), we’re going to do the same and lift up all voices of God’s creation, especially those of the most vulnerable. Sign the Healthy Planet, Healthy People Petition today to push world leaders and to encourage and support all Catholic efforts at UN climate and biodiversity meetings.

This work isn’t easy. But with the support of the global movement to care for God’s creation, we can do it! “The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change” (LS 13).

Our Ask

  • Tackle the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis together
  • Promise no more biodiversity collapse or for at least 50% of the earth's lands and marine areas be protected for nature by 2030.
  • Ensure equitable global action, including support for those most affected
  • Protect and respect human rights, including the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in climate and biodiversity action


Biodiversity is the enormous variety of all life on Earth. Biodiversity can support efforts to end the climate crisis. This is why we need to come together and live out our faith by advocating for God’s creation. Sign the Healthy Planet Healthy People petition today.
Let’s protect our common home.

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